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Download C64S

C64S is one of the oldest and best MS-DOS Commodore 64 emulators. The interface is very good and is easy to use.

On Youtube, you will find a tribute to C64S.

Two versions are available here :

  1. The latest demo version available on the forum http://phs-edv.de before its final closure.
    C64S 2.52 demo version (md5: 4cf29cc1d41ede81676cec3370a7b206).
  2. Full version of June 13, 1997 with COM1541 and TAPEIO utilities. In addition, a 2.0 version of C64S accompanied the whole to cope with possible compatibility issues of 2.52 version.
    C64S 2.52 full version (md5: b2f624a2b4e1d71ded85c764e9a78920).